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We have been helping SMEs and companies with IT support for over 20 years.

If there is one thing that is certain in this day and age, it is the importance of technology in our day-to-day work. Nowadays, changes happen without notice, and they require a reaction, fast solutions and the ability to adapt.

So, working with an expert IT support and maintenance partner is essential to be able to respond efficiently to any incident, problem or change of plans, such as remote work during lockdown.

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6 Key Features Of Our Service

We take care of everything

We look after the daily technical support and your cybersecurity.

Always by your side

We allocate a fixed team of technicians, according to your needs.

Instant solutions

We are always available to resolve any technical and cybersecurity incident. For your peace of mind, 24/7. Because a company must never stop.

We anticipate changes

We are always up to date on the new developments and improvements in IT, software and tech tools for your business development.

Remote or on site

We have some support agents working remotely and other on-site agents, who will go to your offices when needed.

Quotes tailored to you

We offer prices tailored to the situation, size and needs of your company.

How we can help you

Discover our solutions for companies

IT Support and Maintenance

Comprehensive, fast, effective and tailored IT maintenance.


IT security services, damage prevention and response.


Audit services, status and implementation of measures.

Microsoft 365

All the tools needed for the management of your company


Cloud solutions tailored to your company

Remote Work Support

The way we work has changed. We offer solutions to adapt your infrastructure to the remote work context so the business never stops.

IT Evolution

We analyse the state of your IT equipment and devise an improvement and optimisation plan.

We are Sosmatic

Sosmatic is a Spanish company founded in 1998 with the objective of offering people an innovative, 24-hour, quality IT assistance service. Today, the company is focused on providing digital technology assistance and support services to large groups and companies in all sectors.

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Success stories about our
support and maintenance service

Historia 1

Remote work

When the state of emergency was declared in 2020, a hotel chain and client of ours asked us to prepare over 100 pieces of equipment for remote work. They needed it done in record time. We immediately deployed a team of technicians who were able to configure all the equipment in just one weekend.
Soporte y mantenimiento informático para PYMES

Historia 2

Technology advice

An engineering consultancy firm had shortcomings in its communications and links between its Barcelona and Madrid offices. With our telecommunications advice and Fortinet’s networking solutions, we were able to link the Madrid and Barcelona offices with high-capacity data lines so that access to information was agile and secure.

Historia 3

Ransomware virus

A client in the food production sector was attacked by a ransomware virus that paralysed its entire service. Our team of cybersecurity experts got down to work and in less than 12 hours, they managed to recover 4 servers with all the data and software. Result: flawless, return to normal within a few hours and all data recovered.

Resources For Companies

Did you know that 50% of cyberattacks are aimed at SMEs?

Download our Free Cybersecurity Guide for companies. Discover the fundamentals and good practices for your company’s IT security


Sosmatic blog

News and trends in IT for your company.

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