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We are more about listening and less about talking

One of the clearest consumer trends in the age of screens and social distancing is the increasing importance of making things more human, more relatable. That is why, when designing any customer service, we have to propose a flexible, personalised and relatable experience. An experience more about listening and less about talking. At Sosmatic, people are our driving force.

Our team works to help and resolve any issues by listening and empathising. Through our Contact Centre service, we are the voice of the telephone companies, retail, educational platforms, care companies… in their customer care, support and sales. And we always put emotion into every single call.

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We work on converting your potential customers into clients, through human and relatable experiences.

Customer service

We understand and resolve the needs of your clients through a service centred on people.


We manage your company's internal processes, providing the necessary resources at all times and maintaining control and the quality of service.

Helpdesk technical support

We make the use of technology understandable through a friendly approach that generates a positive impact on users.

Sector-Specific Contact Centre

We specialise in…


At Sosmatic, we have worked in the telecommunications sector for over 20 years, and we have industry-specific, specialised and expert vertical divisions. An increasingly competitive market in which the customer experience is one of the key aspects for differentiation and growth.
That is why our services always focus on personalisation and proximity, in order to attract, retain and build the loyalty of your customers.


In the context of Banking, we understand the role of the contact centre as a key element in simplifying customer access to their daily financial operations, as well as in generating great experiences for both users and internal employees.
We approach our services by integrating technology and people as two key levers for growth in the sector.


The Health and Pharma sectors are undergoing a process of digitalisation regarding commercial, consumer and relationship experiences with the collaborators and professionals that make up the companies in the sector. We are supporting this transformation through our specialised internal and external customer care and support services.


We have been working with the Assistance and Insurance sector for more than 20 years, always adapting our services to the reality of an increasingly digitalised environment. We anticipate solutions to the needs of insurance policyholders.


In an industry in the midst of transformation, we see many companies looking to rethink their customer service environments and services to respond to the needs of a more informed, demanding and digital consumer.
We work to offer a service in which people and technology allow us to respond to and help contemporary users, always upholding quality and efficiency.


We assist companies in outsourcing their customer care and support services, offering experiences that integrate their values and philosophy to complement and maintain the quality of the users’ purchasing processes.


In an increasingly digitalised industry, we work to ensure that customer care and support services help and reinforce the academic experience of e-learning platforms and digital universities, also guaranteeing the proper functioning of the online infrastructure and ecosystem.

7 key features of our service


We have a flexible, quick, innovative and open structure. With room to react and with the initiative to respond to context, to change.

Human Approach

People need people. On every call, we offer personalised and friendly experiences, by helping, listening and caring.


We immerse ourselves in the values and identity of each company, no matter its size. We work to find common goals and implement processes according to priorities.

Guiding hand

We offer a guiding hand throughout the outsourcing process, where together we identify the processes we want to adapt to the contact centre context without losing the quality, essence and proximity.


May the service never stop! We have the infrastructure needed to offer a totally efficient and independent service, capable of responding to any situation, whether in the environment or in our business

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Qualified team

We have a multidisciplinary team of qualified, trained people who work in an environment of constant development. That is our secret ingredient.

Technological DNA

Passion for technology and for helping people is in our DNA. We have over 20 years of experience in technical assistance and support services and customer care.

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We are Sosmatic

For over 20 years, we have been the voice of insurers, banks, care companies, telephone operators and retailers through our 24/7 multi-lingual customer support service (L1/ on-site).

We have an average customer service and customer support satisfaction score of 9.5/10.

Our secret ingredient? Our human team.

Success Stories

Story 1


E-commerce business experienced soaring sales and some customer services were unprepared. We helped a new client start up a service with 4,000 calls in just 4 days, going from an initial NDA of 14% to 87% by the end of the first week.

Story 2


A client overshot its estimates in a campaign. In less than 7 days, we selected and trained more than 20 agents to contain the backlog to almost zero in the following days.

Story 3


Collapses. Client in the entertainment sector with peak demand in the management of bookings. On the same day, we mobilised 50% more capacity to contain service levels and reputation.

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